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Captivate your audience with expertly curated press releases from HIX.AI.

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Press Release Generator
Press Release Generator

Steps to Write a Press Release with Our Press Release Writer

Getting a company’s announcements, product releases or news updates to the public has never been easier. In three simple steps, you can generate high quality, full-length press releases that push your brand through media channels.

  • Enter your brand name and describe the company in a few short sentences.
  • Write briefly about the subject matter of the press release and select a preferred tone of voice, target audience and language.
  • Click on generate to view the result from HIX.AI. You may refine as many times as you want to, until the final outcome is perfect.
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Use HIX.AI's Press Release Generator for Business Announcements

Running a business demands that you keep your customers and the entire public in the loop. Doing so may present some difficulties, especially considering that there are other aspects of the business that need your attention. Using HIX.AI's press release generator tool is the perfect solution for all your intensive business writing needs.

Not only do you get to generate reader-friendly press releases within minutes, but you also get to cut down on the cost of hiring a special writer for such purposes. Our tool also allows you to create press releases for a wide variety of business use cases, including product launches, regulatory announcements, or other news and updates.

Explore the Features of HIX.AI's Press Release Writer

Some of the tool’s impressive characteristics are laid out below.


The HIX.AI press release writer tool is primed for flawless precision and can deliver drafts in dozens of languages without spelling or grammar errors.


Using the press release generator guarantees dozens of full-length results in one day. Providing a comprehensive description enables you to receive a ready-to-publish press release within a minute.


You can generate 1,000 words without registration and 3,000 words when you register on a free plan. Taking it up a notch, you can generate up to 30,000 words on a basic subscription plan, while the Pro plan allows as many as 60,000 words. Subscribing to the annual pricing of the Basic and Pro plans costs $9.99 and $19.99 per month, respectively.

Benefits of Using Our Press Release Generator

Choosing the HIX.AI press release generator promises quite an array of benefits for you and your business. Here are some perks that you’d definitely not want to miss out on.

Consistent Professional Writing

The HIX.AI tool is specifically trained using cutting-edge machine learning techniques which ensures that it delivers high-quality writing. You’re also guaranteed a consistent tone, allowing your audience to identify closely with the press releases.

Saves Time and Manual Work

Using our press release generator helps you cut back on the time that would have gone to brainstorming and manual writing. The turnaround times are also short, meaning your business churns out more write-ups more quickly.

Improved Media Exposure

Since you’re able to generate and publish more press releases than before, you also get to be in the media more often. In turn, your business attracts more public attention, thereby extending your customer base.

Create Free Press Releases with HIX.AI

📃 Professional outputAccurate press releases with a professional touch
⚡ Time-savingGenerates a full-length release within minutes
🌐 Diverse LanguagesReach your audience in different countries
🤖 Innovative AIUtilizes tone and context for perfect output


  • Is HIX.AI's press release generator tool user-friendly for those who are not tech-savvy?

    Yes, even noobs can fully navigate the HIX.AI tool. The generator has a user-friendly interface and individuals who are not tech-savvy simply need to follow a few prompts to create press releases.

  • What types of businesses or industries is your press release writer tool suitable for?

    The HIX.AI tool is fitting for all types of business sectors, industries, and sizes. So, whether you run a multinational company or you’re simply floating a startup, you can take full advantage of the press release generator.

  • Can I use your press release generator tool for free?

    Users can enjoy up to 1,000 free words in total every week when they generate press releases from the tool. However, once you exceed this limit and still want to use the tool, you’ll need to pay a token as a subscription fee.

  • Will my press release be read or stored by anyone?

    Absolutely not. HIX.AI values privacy and the confidentiality of information transmitted between the tool and clients. So, all data is encrypted using the latest bank-level security tools to ensure that unauthorized third parties don’t have access to your press releases.

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

Enhance your writing process with HIX.AI. Whether you're crafting fact-based articles, humanizing AI text, or rewriting, summarizing, and translating your content, HIX.AI provides the tools you need.