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Reword and enrich your essays, copies, and articles with our AI rewording tool - Try it for free!

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Reword & Improve Any Texts in Seconds With HIX Writer

Create a fresh version with better content quality from existing content with our reworder in three easy steps:

  • 1. Paste the original text into the "Content to reword" box.
  • 2. Choose detailed options like rewording type, target audience, tone, and language.
  • 3. Hit "Generate" to get an improved new version of the existing text.
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Humanize AI Text Easily With HIX Bypass

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When is Our Rewording Tool Useful?

The reworder tool can come in handy whenever you need to create a new, improved and unique version of any existing content. Here are just some of the notable use cases:

Technical Writing

Technical information can often be overly complex for broader audiences. If you want your tech specs to be understandable to a customer, HIX Writer's reworder will improve and paraphrase it using more straightforward language to ensure crucial info doesn’t go over the reader’s head.

Academic Writing

Academic works build upon existing ideas that shouldn’t be included in the text verbatim unless they’re direct quotes. Our reworder can paraphrase the source material to avoid plagiarism, fitting the included research into the same tone as the rest of the text.

Digital Marketing

HIX Writer's reworder can help you repurpose a copy for use on various platforms. Plus, the tool will produce different variations of the original text, preventing the copy from being flagged as a duplicate. This makes the reworder ideal for SEO.

Benefits of HIX Writer's Text Reworder

A paraphrasing tool based on AI technology, the HIX Writer's reworder brings numerous advantages to all users – professionals, students, and authors alike. The benefits don’t come only from the mere convenience. Instead, the reworder offers unparalleled quality.

Semantic Understanding Capabilities

The reworder doesn’t just “read” the text it’s about to paraphrase. It comprehends the context and meaning behind the words. This means the output will retain the core message even though the text will be entirely new.

Advanced Paraphrasing Feature

When paraphrasing, the reworder won’t pick the first synonym on the list. The tool will seek out the most fitting expressions to maintain and improve coherency, readability, and flow.

Grammar Checker

Along with paraphrasing, the reworder tool performs a thorough grammar check. Along with a fresh copy, it will ensure every comma is where it needs to be and every sentence is structured properly.

Plagiarism Avoidance

The reworder's advanced paraphrasing abilities ensure it will put out completely new and unique sentences. As a result, plagiarism will never be an issue. The text you put through the tool will be entirely different from the original.

Customization Options

Rather than being a one-trick pony, the reworder offers a slew of customization options, helping you tailor your copy exactly how you need it. You can adjust the rewording method, making it innovative or closer to the original. The tool also lets you adjust the tone and style according to your target audience.

Utilize HIX Writer's Reword Generator to Elevate the Quality of Your Texts

🔄 Advanced rewordingCreate readable, coherent, and fluent rewrites
🌍 Multilingual capabilityAble to process text in a range of languages
📖 Readability enhancementBring your text closer to the lay reader
🚫 Plagiarism-freeMake sure your new content is unlike any other


  • 1. Can I really use the HIX Writer's rewording tool for free?

    The reworder is available for free, allowing you to rephrase 3,000 words with no fees whatsoever. However, there’s no reason not to consider a paid plan considering how much more you get. The basic subscription plan not only provides even more extensive word limits but also offers enhanced features.

  • 2. Which languages does HIX Writer's reworder tool support?

    The reworder tool is genuinely multilingual with support for over 30 languages. You can choose between English, French, German, Hindi, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Arabic, Thai, and many other languages.

  • 3. Can This AI rewording tool help with SEO?

    You can produce SEO-friendly copies using the reworder’s advanced options. It creates completely unique content, which is crucial for search engine rankings and avoiding plagiarism penalties. The tool can also help with keyword optimization, meta descriptions, and content expansion.

  • 4. Can I tweak the output text?

    You can tweak and adjust the text produced by the reworder however you like. Change the revised content within the output box or take advantage of the AI writer of HIX Writer, which will help take your writing to the next level.

  • 5. How accurate are the grammar and punctuation in the rewritten sentences?

    The reworder is extremely accurate in terms of sentence structure and grammar. However, even the most advanced AI is prone to the occasional mistake. For that reason, it would be best to proofread the result every time, if only to ensure the tool’s done a good job.

  • 6. Will the HIX Writer's reworder tool rewrite sentences containing quotes or citations?

    Since the reworder produces completely unique and improved texts, it may rephrase quotes or citations that you want to keep in the rewritten version verbatim. Once you get the output, you should double-check the quotes and see if they’ve been modified. If so, you can easily reinsert the original quote right in the output box.

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

Enhance your writing process with HIX Writer. Whether you're crafting fact-based articles, humanizing AI text, or rewriting, summarizing, and translating your content, HIX Writer provides the tools you need.