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Write Marketing Copy, Emails, Blog Posts Instantly With Our AI Writer

Access 120+ writing tools covering marketing, email, blog posts, academic writing, and more. 50+ languages supported.

120+ AI Writing Tools to Write & Rewrite ANY Content Instantly

Stop staring at that blank screen again. Our AI writing generator can help you tackle any writing challenge effortlessly.

Emails & Messages
Article rewrite

Rephrase entire long articles using different words and structure.

Paragraph rewrite

Rephrase paragraphs for a fresh piece of writing free from plagiarism.

Text summarize

Distill lengthy content into concise summaries without losing important context.


Reword the existing content while retaining the meaning.

Grammar check

Check for common grammar mistakes so you can deliver error-free writing.

Spell check

Avoid embarrassing spelling errors by letting HIX.AI double-check your writing.

Plagiarism check

Our built-in plagiarism checker scans content for duplicated text to ensure originality.

Paragraph Generator

Generate unique, coherent, engaging paragraphs in seconds.


Check and fine-tune your writing, eliminating grammar and spelling errors.

Check 120+ AI Writing Tools
AI Rewriter

Plagiarism-Free Rewrites with Improved Quality

Rewrite with appropriate word choices and clear structures, and get plagiarism-free content that maintains the original formats and inserted links.

Try Our Rewriter
Plagiarism-Free Rewrites with Improved Quality
HIX Editor

Smarter AI Text Editor than Notion AI

Type // to draft, edit, and refine 10x faster, and get access to 120+ AI writing tools and an AI chatbot smarter than ChatGPT.

Explore HIX Editor
HIX Email Writer

Draft & Reply to Emails up to 10x Faster

Type // to draft the most appropriate emails and replies for any scenario. Summarize any email content instantly, ensuring nothing is missed.

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AI Writing Generator Perfectly for Your Requirements

Write Conveniently

Access HIX Writer in any of your web browsers. All writing tools are housed in a simplified interface. Just choose or type // to invoke your favorite tool and start writing instantly.

Write Optimally

Harness the power of our AI writing generator to optimize your writing 8x faster. Effortlessly craft high-quality customized copy on demand for better readability or increased SEO ranking.

Write Attractively

Create captivating content that draws in readers, motivates potential customers, and drives business growth. Create high-converting ad copy or attention-grabbing emails that get opened and clicked.

Write Uniquely

All content is freshly created to match your needs and brand, and guaranteed to be 100% plagiarism-free. Craft original content that sidesteps potential Google penalties and protects your credibility.

Write Instantly

Write content of any length, on any topic, in just seconds. Save time and put your brilliance into what matters most. Generate on-brand content for any type of use at scale with only minimal input to get started.

Write Freshly

Our AI writer develops content based on freshly published sources available. You get writing that taps into the most current insights and info - never worry about generating outdated content like ChatGPT.

How HIX Writer Works

  • Choose a writing tool

    Choose from 120+ HIX.AI writing tools to generate blog posts, landing pages, emails, and beyond.

  • Tell us what to write

    Provide some basic details about your desired content like topic and keywords. Specify tone and language.

  • Generate draft content

    HIX Writer will then generate a high-quality, customized copy based on your input.

  • Make it your own

    You have full control—edit, tweak, or rewrite the copy in your own words and style.

Enjoy Premium AI Writer at Budget-Friendly Prices

  • HIX Writer Basic
    - /month
    10,000 words
    • 120+ AI Writing Tools
    • HIX Chat (ChatGPT-like chatbot)
    • HIX Editor (Notion AI-like Editor)
    • AI Email Writer
    • Content Rewriter
    • 30+ Languages
    • 1-Click Google Docs Export
    • 1-Click WordPress Export
    • Test out Newest Features
    • Priority Support
  • Save 43%
    HIX Writer Unlimited
    - /month
    Unlimited words/month
    Everything in Pro, plus
    • Unlimited Words for 120+ AI Writing Tools
    • Unlimited Words for HIX Chat
    • Unlimited Words for HIX Editor
    • Unlimited Words for AI Email Writer
    • Unlimited Words for Content Rewriter
  • HIX Writer Pro
    - /month
    50,000 words
    • 120+ AI Writing Tools
    • HIX Chat (ChatGPT-like chatbot)
    • HIX Editor (Notion AI-like Editor)
    • AI Email Writer
    • Content Rewriter
    • 30+ Languages
    • 1-Click Google Docs Export
    • 1-Click WordPress Export
    • Test out Newest Features
    • Priority Support


  • What Is HIX Writer?

    HIX Writer is one of the best AI writers that can help with speedy content creation. Thanks to its sophisticated algorithms and leading-edge calculations, the AI writing generator empowers users to write high-quality content with the click of a button.
  • What Types of Content Can HIX Writer Write?

    HIX Writer can support a wide variety of content, including blog posts, Instagram captions, LinkedIn posts, landing pages, Facebook ads, Google ads, and more.
  • How Does HIX Writer Work?

    Using our AI writing generator is simple and fast. To generate custom content, you only need to provide the necessary details about your topic, keywords, and tone, choose the languages you want for the output, and click "Generate". Then, your draft content will be produced within seconds!

  • What Languages Does HIX Writer Support For Generating Articles?

    Our AI writer supports 50+ languages and 9 tones for generating content as well as translation, surpassing most of the best AI writers in the market. All you have to do is select your target language and preferred tone from the options in the HIX.AI dashboard.
  • Can I Use HIX Writer for Free?

    Yes, our AI writing generator offers every new user free words to try it out, which can be used across all our writing tools. They allow you to test out our AI writing generator before you commit to a subscription.
  • Is the Content Generated by HIX Writer Plagiarism-free?

    Yes. You can always rely on our AI writing generator to craft plagiarism-free content. HIX Writer constantly improves its content algorithm to generate unique content.
  • What AI Model Does Your AI Writing Generator Use? GPT-3.5 or 4?

    Our AI writing generator employs both models. The free plan taps into GPT-3.5, while our paid plan is powered by both GPT-3.5 and 4 to provide an even more robust content generation experience. You can choose the plan as you like depending on your needs and budget.
  • Can I Count on AI Writers Like HIX Writer to Create SEO-optimized Content?

    Yes. HIX Writer can produce SEO-optimized content that ranks well in search engines and resonates with your audience. Whether you want to craft SEO taglines, headings, blog posts, or landing pages, HIX Writer has you covered.

    Not only does the tool incorporate the target keywords you specify to maximize search engine relevance, but it also optimizes your content based on its frequent studies on trending keywords and search volume.

  • Is Your AI Writing Generator Safe to Use?

    Yes, our AI writing generator is designed with user safety in mind. We do not share personal data with any unrelated third party unless explicitly permitted by the user.
  • Can Your AI Writer Replace Human Writers?

    While our AI writing generator is a powerful tool to create natural, professionally written, human-like content, it is not intended to replace human writers. It's designed to assist and enhance the writing process, providing initial drafts or helping with brainstorming.
  • How Can I Further Improve the Output of the AI Writing Generator?

    To further improve or edit the generated content from our AI writer, you can use our instantly accessible AI editing tools or HIX Editor to adjust the content to your liking.
  • Is Your AI Writing Generator Accurate?

    Yes! HIX Writer strives to produce factually accurate content relevant to the context and tailored to your requirements. But it's always recommended to review and edit the generated text as needed.

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Peace out, writer's block.

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