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The sentence generator by HIX.AI – a powerful sentence writer that you can try for free.

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Sentence Generator
Sentence Generator

How HIX.AI's Sentence Generator Works

Using sentence writer by HIX.AI couldn’t be simpler – you just need to know what topic you want to write about and the generator does the rest for you:

  • 1. Type some talking points into the text box that tell the AI what you want the sentence to cover.
  • 2. Enter any keywords that need to be in the sentence.
  • 3. Pick a tone of voice out of the nine available.
  • 4. Select your target audience.
  • 5. Pick a language and click the “Generate” button to get your sentence.
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Overcome Writer’s Block With This Sentence Writer

Have you ever been writing a piece only to run into a brick wall when trying to come up with your next sentence? That’s writer’s block in action and it’s a killer when you’re trying to get an article out on time. It’s even worse when you know approximately what you want to say but you can’t quite find the right words to make it sound good on paper.

HIX.AI's sentence generator solves that problem because it can generate sentence ideas and structures to inspire you. Just tell the tool what you want the sentence to cover (for instance, why AI is going to be the driving force of tech in the future) and click a button – you’ll get up to five sentences ready and waiting to use in your piece.

Choose Your Tone, Target Audience, and Language

If AI-generated sentences aren’t quite what you need, HIX.AI's sentence creator offers a trio of tools that help you make adjustments until you have the perfect sentence:

  • Tone of Voice – Choose between nine tones of voice that range from professional to conversational, confident, or even childish.
  • Target Audience – The sentence generator defaults to writing for everyone, but you can ask it to write for seven different market sectors if you prefer.
  • Language – If you’re trying to adapt an existing sentence for an international audience, you can choose from 30+ languages in the sentence creator.

Sentence Writer With Words - Great for SEO

Maybe you’ve got a decent sentence in mind, but you have keywords you need to slot into that sentence for the purpose of search engine optimization. And therein lies the problem – you can’t determine how to make a sentence with these words that you need to have in the piece.

That’s made easy with HIX.AI, too, as the tool allows you to specify the words you want to include in the sentence. In other words, you tell the tool what topic to cover and assign keywords that need to be in the sentence, and voila – an instantly generated sentence that makes sense in the context of your topic and incorporates the keyword you need.

Instant Sentence Creator

Creating a new sentence for your article has never been faster, as HIX.AI delivers results almost instantly. There’s no waiting minutes while the tool tries to put the pieces together – you click a button, and you’ll see your sentence presented to you faster than you can blink.

Better yet, you’re not limited to a single sentence per use. The sentence writer can generate up to five sentences, all using the same instructions, so you get different spins on the same concept. And again, all five sentences are created rapidly so you don’t have to sit around wasting time.

Come Up With New Ideas Using a Powerful Sentence Generator

🎨 CreativeGenerate five sentences per prompt
🚀 FastGet sentences in seconds
🌍 MultilingualOver 30 languages supported
👌 SEOInsert your choice of keywords

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FAQs About HIX.AI's Sentence Generator

  • 1. What language model does HIX.AI's sentence creator use?

    The tool offers sentences generated using your choice between the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 language models. Both create great sentences, though GPT-4 is often more fluid and capable of creating more detailed sentences.

  • 2. Do I have to choose keywords for my sentence?

    No, you don’t. Though the tool is a great sentence writer that weaves in the words that you choose, you can have it create a sentence using your topic selection alone when search engine optimization isn’t a concern for your writing.

  • 3. How many languages does HIX.AI's sentence creator offer?

    The tool currently offers 32 languages, including English. These range from some of the most popular European languages (Spanish, French, and Italian, for instance) to lesser-used languages, such as Yoruba and Hausa.

  • 4. What should I enter into the 'Talking Points' box?

    Write about anything that you’d like HIX.AI's sentence writer to cover in its generated sentence. This can be a detailed description with prompts for the specific mood the sentence should convey, or simply an instruction to write about a topic based on the language and voice tone you’ve already selected.

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

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