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Type // to Draft & Reply to Emails up to 10x Faster. Just Review and Send.

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AI Email Generator & Writer

Type // to Write & Respond to Email the Smartest Way

Stop wasting hours typing or racking your brain over emails or replies. Type // in our web-based email generator to get customized emails or on-point responses with one click. We also pay attention to those finer details. From grammar checking to flow improving. Our AI email writer handles it all.

One-Click Solution for All Your Email Needs

Type // to Create Emails Effortlessly
Type // to let our AI email writer draft an insightful, personalized email in seconds. No more struggling to find the right words.
Craft Tailor-Made Replies that Impress
Getting stuck on how to respond to a particular email? Don't fret. With our email generator, you can write tailored, flawless email replies in one click, based on templates and past discussions and your intents.
Summarize an Email Swiftly
No more precious minutes spent reading a long and complex email. With us helping with the recaps, you can know each message's core information at a glance while ensuring no crucial details are missed.
One-Click Solution for All Your Email Needs
Supercharge Your Email Campaigns

Supercharge Your Email Campaigns

Craft killer marketing emails that truly engage and convert. Never again let your messages go unnoticed in your customers' overflowing inboxes.

  • Write PERFECT Emails in Seconds

  • 10x Your Productivity

  • Boost Open and Response Rates by 100%

  • Maximize Your ROI and Grow Your Business

How Does Our Web-based Email Generator Work?

  • 1

    Fill us in on your requirements

    Type // in our AI email writer and describe what email content you want to create.

  • 2

    Get drafts with one click

    Click Generate and you can get a draft based on your visions and requirements.

  • 3

    Refine as needed

    Use the draft as it is or rewrite, expand, or even re-generate until it's just right.

Our AI Email Support Goes Beyond Our Web App

Install the HIX.AI ChatGPT extension, and our AI will assist you in drafting and sending emails right within your existing email service. To activate the tool, type // in the compose box or click the HIX.AI icon in the bottom right corner. That's it!

Add to Chrome - It's Free

Explore More Features...

  • Perfect your drafts

    Rewrite, restructure, expand, shorten, or improve the drafts you write swiftly.

  • Strike the right tone

    Convey delight, politeness, frustration, or anything in between via 13 common tones.

  • Several templates to build upon

    Utilize a vast library of pre-written email templates tailored to common response types and recipients.

  • Overcome language barriers

    Have your messages accurately translated into over 50 languages for global recipients.

The Perfect AI Email Generator that Is Ideal For All Industries

  • Sales

    Enhance your sales pitch with appealing messaging.

  • Investors

    Effortlessly communicate your business value proposition.

  • Customer support

    Quickly resolve customer queries or concerns.

  • Marketing & communications

    Create effective email campaigns and marketing materials.

  • Teams and managers

    Strengthen internal communication and collaboration.

  • Human Resources

    Craft informative company-wide email announcements.

Why Our AI Email Writer?

✏️ Compose emails effortlessly

Type // to generate emails in seconds

💌 Craft customized replies

Craft on-point responses in a snap

📑 Instant email summaries

Quickly understand history & background

🎙️ 13 tones of voices

Hit the right tone with recipients
Try out Our AI Email Writer Today!

Try out Our AI Email Writer Today!

With our AI email generator, type // to create impressive and flawless emails or replies in seconds and with the click of a button now.