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Make your tweets and threads go viral with HIX.AI's tweet generator, for free!

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Tweet & Threads Generator
Tweet & Threads Generator

Write Tweets & Threads that Will Go Viral with HIX.AI

Using the HIX.AI tweet generator is simple and fun, just like tweeting should be.

  • 1. Head over to the tweet generator tool page and describe what your tweet should be about within 2,000 characters.
  • 2. Enter optional talking points or suggestions for the generator to hit.
  • 3. Select your desired language, target audience, and tone of voice from the drop-down menu.
  • 4. Set the "Add hashtag" and "Add emoji" sliders on or off, and hit the “Generate” button to receive creative tweet samples instantly.
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The Advantages of Using the HIX.AI Tweet Generator

You’ll absolutely love using the HIX.AI tweet generator. Here are just some of the advantages of this handy tool.

Free to Use

Just like Twitter (for most users, at least), this AI tweet generator is free to use. For free account owners, you will have up to 3,000-word credits per week to create epic AI content, including some hilarious tweets and threads. Once you find the incredible content HIX.AI produces useful, you can always choose to upgrade to our affordable subscription plan which offers additional words.

Fine-tune the Results

HIX.AI’s tweet generator allows you to fully personalize your tweets and threads by adding talking points, suggestions, and the desired tone of voice. The result? Even you won’t believe those tweets didn’t come from you!

If, however, you’d like to jazz them up a bit more, you can always tweak the output manually or by using HIX.AI’s AI Writer.


When using Twitter, you want to reach out to your global audience. And you don’t have to worry about the language barriers since our AI tweet generator has got you covered. Choose one of the 30 languages it supports, including Arabic, French, and Japanese, and go global with your tweets.

How Can the HIX.AI Tweet Generator Help Elevate Your Twitter Game?

Are you ready to become a viral tweet machine? See how HIX.AI AI tweet generator can help you dominate the Twitter game.

Creativity Unlimited

Unfortunately, there’s a limit to human creativity in all aspects, tweeting included. But the same can’t be said for artificial intelligence. Use our tweet generator and never run out of creative things to say.

A Brand Across All Posts

If you want to brand yourself successfully, one thing’s of utmost importance – consistency. Feed essential information about your niche, target audience, and brand voice into our tweet generator, and achieve cohesive tweets and threads every time.

Engagement Numbers Explode

With our tweet generator, you’ll be able to constantly put out engaging tweets and threads, which is a one-way ticket to engagement on Twitter. On top of that, your tweets and threads will resonate with your audience and contain relevant hashtags. The result? The likes, retweets, and replies will roll in at an impressive rate!

Who Can Benefit From Using HIX.AI Tweet Generator?

The short answer to this question is anyone. If you like tweeting, this tool is perfect for you. However, the HIX.AI tweet generator is particularly beneficial for users who are on Twitter for business purposes.


No matter the size or industry, your business can benefit from using an AI Twitter generator. This handy tool will take care of a huge chunk of your social media responsibilities, allowing you to focus on running your business successfully.


Are you an influencer who wants to stay relevant and on top of trends? If so, you must consistently post engaging, up-to-date, and relevant content. The tweets and threads our generator produces check off all these boxes, so you can rest assured your Twitter is in good hands.


When launching a business, owners can rarely invest in a dedicated social media team. The good news is that with the HIX.AI AI tweet generator, they don’t have to. This generator is a great way to build and maintain a strong Twitter presence without breaking the bank.


Each of your blogs or vlogs deserves a proper shout-out on Twitter. Our tweet generator can make this happen in a matter of seconds.

Non-Profit Organizations

The HIX.AI AI tweet generator will be a lifesaver for non-profit organizations that want to find an economical way to share mission-related updates, increase donations, and foster community awareness and engagement.

Become a Twitter Pro With HIX.AI Tweet Generator

🧠 CreativeUnique & fresh tweet ideas
😎 ConsistentGet superb content continuously
🗨️ EngagingEffectively interact with your audience
🌎 Multilingual30+ languages supported


  • 1. How does the AI tweet generator produce its results?

    Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), a field of AI, our tweet generator can “understand” your tone of voice and audience preferences settings, combined with access to up-to-date databases with trending topics and latest information to create attention-grabbing tweets.

  • 2. Is technical know-how needed to use the AI tweet generator?

    No, you don’t. Our tool is designed to cater to users with or without any previous experience. Just input the required information, and our Tweet Generator will take it from there.

  • 3. Does the AI tweet generator create robotic tweets?

    Absolutely not. HIX.AI’s tweet generator applied advanced machine learning algorithms to mimic natural writing style to ensure human-like approaches. In fact, you won’t be able to distinguish these AI-generated tweets from the ones you write.

  • 4. Can I increase my followers on Twitter using tweet generator?

    Absolutely. By constantly posting creative, engaging, and relevant tweets and threads with the help of HIX.AI’s tweet generator, you’ll have a bigger chance to gather attention and grow your following on Twitter in no time.

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

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