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HIX Editor HIX Editor

Meet Our Ultimate AI Text Editor. Beyond Notion AI.

Simply type // in our editor to access our robust AI writing tools, enhancing your work effortlessly.

HIX Editor:star a Superior Alternative to Notion AI

Forget Notion AI - write without limits on our next-level AI text editor. In one intuitive interface, type // to compose, edit, refine, format, and export 10x faster, with a smarter AI chatbot and 120+ tools that assist in every stage of your content creation, from brainstorming to final drafts.

An All-in-one, Powerful AI Text Editor

  • Compose

    Just start typing and let your ideas flow smoothly onto our intuitive editor. For an enhanced writing experience, type // to access our suite of AI writing tools and take your work to the next level.

  • Edit

    Spend less time formatting and styling your content. Take care of everything like font size, alignment, spacing, headings, and more just in a click.

  • Export

    Once your content is finalized, seamlessly export it as a Word document from our editor. Effortlessly share your work across various platforms, including your blog, Instagram, Twitter, email lists, and more.

An All-in-one, Powerful AI Text Editor

Our AI Assists Along the Way

Type // or highlight text in our AI text editor to ask our AI assistant to;

Our AI Assists Along the Way

Generate new content that flows well from what you already wrote and fits in with the context.

Gain fresh ideas and related topics to expand your writing. Our AI provides a list of possibilities to incorporate.

Get smart AI suggestions to improve your text, fix mistakes, and improve the language and flow.

Turn a short sentence into a longer one, or even expand it into a whole paragraph or article with meaningful content.

With one click, translate your content into any of 30+ languages and choose from 9 different tones.

Extract the most important information from a piece of writing and create a summary.

3 Modes
to Empower Your Writing & Editing Experience

Access our web-based AI-enhanced text editor anywhere on any device.

AI Mode

Type // to engage our AI assistance as you write and edit your content. Receive on-demand insights to optimize your draft whenever inspiration strikes.

Chat Mode

Just ask our AI and you will get tailored responses to inspire your content creation. Let HIX.AI be your 24/7 AI writing copilot.

Power Mode

Get direct access to over 120 specialized AI writing tools right inside your document to empower you through every stage of content creation.

Experience Cutting-edge Editing Wherever You Are

Enjoy the same intuitive editing experience as our web-based editor, wherever you write on the web.

Google Docs

The HIX.AI Chrome extension brings our editing experience right into your Google Docs. Compose, edit, and spark your creativity with an experience like Notion AI.

WordPress Coming Soon

The HIX.AI WP plug-in lets you access our AI writing assistant as you develop and edit content for your site. Stay productive in the environment you know best.


How Does the HIX Editor Work?

  • Prepare the Rough Draft

    Land on our intuitive HIX Editor's interface. Type a rough draft or copy and paste your content into the text editor.

  • Choose an AI Tool

    As you write, highlight any text or type // to activate our AI assistant. Select the tool you need, and it will provide suggestions or contextually-relevant content.

  • Review & Edit

    Review the AI-generated content and use, modify, or discard it as needed. You stay in control - HIX.AI just helps you work faster.

  • Share directly

    Format the draft to your liking, and export it from our convenient text editor in one place.


While Notion AI provides basic AI features only within its own platform, HIX.AI is able to smoothly fit into your personal writing workflow anywhere on Chrome, with an expanded set of AI capabilities. Check out how HIX.AI compares to Notion AI.

FeatureHIX.AINotion AI
Starting price$9.99/month(Billed annually)$8/month (Billed annually)
Chrome extensionWorks on Google Docs, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more.
WordPress plugin
AI Chatbot
AI Writing Templates120+60+
Supported languages100+14
AI AvailabilityAll AI writing templates are located conveniently within the editor for a more cohesive writing experience.Must toggle between interfaces to access limited AI templates.
Long-form Content Creation
Up-to-date Content CreationGenerated content is real-time, data-driven & entirely refreshed.
SEO-friendly Content Creation
Explore the Detailed Comparison Between HIX.AI and Notion AI

What Makes HIX.AI a Viable Alternative to Notion AI?

  • Double writing assistance

    Notion AI delivers just limited AI writing capabilities, while HIX.AI takes it a step further with over 120 writing tools, ensuring always up-to-date, plagiarism-free, and SEO-friendly content.

  • A unified writing journey

    HIX.AI delivers a complete range of AI capabilities directly in the text editor, enabling you to write & edit your content more seamlessly and efficiently.

  • Broad compatibility

    Unlike Notion AI, which solely functions on its own interface, HIX.AI is available across the board, including Google Docs, WordPress, Instagram, Gmail, Twitter, and beyond - all just one extension away.

  • Chatbot functionality

    HIX.AI comes with an advanced chatbot, able to provide you with inspiration and new perspectives for your writing, real-time and helpful responses, and answers to any queries.

Why HIX Editor?


An all-in-one solution

Write, edit, & improve in one place.

A Notion AI alternative

Equally streamlined writing experience.

Lightning-fast results

Generate AI content in seconds.

Convenient extensions

Access AI help anywhere on Chrome.


  • What makes the HIX Editor outpace Notion AI?

    HIX Editor's competitive edge lies in providing over 120 advanced AI writing tools, smart integrations with popular platforms like Google Docs and WordPress, a helpful chatbot, and more.
  • How does the AI assistance in HIX Editor work?

    While you write, highlight text or type // to activate the AI assistant. Choose the required tool, and the AI will provide suggestions or contextually-relevant content to help you work faster and more efficiently.
  • What kind of content can I create using the HIX Editor?

    HIX Editor is versatile and can be used for various content types, including blog posts, articles, social media posts, reports, and other informational or creative pieces.
  • Is HIX Editor suitable for non-native English speakers?

    Yes, HIX Editor includes AI tools for grammar, language, and readability improvements and supports translations into 30+ languages, making it a valuable tool for non-native English speakers.
  • Do I need to download any software to use the HIX Editor?

    HIX Editor is available as a web app, Chrome extension, or WordPress plugin, so no additional software is required for use. Access the platform conveniently from your browser on various devices.
  • Does HIX Editor Have an AI Writing Assistant?

    Yes, the HIX Editor includes an advanced AI writing assistant to help you compose and refine your content. Just type // or highlight text to activate it.

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Write at Maximum Efficiency with HIX Editor

Write at Maximum Efficiency with HIX Editor

Leverage HIX Editor, a Notion AI alternative, to seamlessly, effortlessly compose, improve, and edit your content. No more toggling between platforms. Work efficiently in one platform.
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