Best QuillBot Alternative for Paraphrasing and Content Writing

As a superior alternative to QuillBot, HIX Writer delivers better paraphrasing quality. What's more, HIX Writer offers more powerful writing capabilities to help you do more in content writing and editing than QuillBot.

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  HIX Writer QuillBot
Pricing $4.99-$199.99/mo $8.33-$19.95/mo
Free Plan    
Language Model GPT-3.5/4 Unspecified
AI Writing Tools 120+ 6
Supported Languages 50+ 23
Article Rewriter    
Video to Article    
Paraphrasing Tool    
Brand Voice    
Bulk Processing    
AI Document Editor    
Writing Modes 3 (AI Mode, Chat Mode, Power Mode)  
1-Click Google Docs Export    
1-Click WordPress Export    
Chatbot Assistance    
AI Writing Templates 120  
Integrated AI Availability  
Plagiarism Check    
Grammarly Integration    
AI Email Writer    
Email Templates 20+  
Summarize Emails    
Suggest & Write Replies    
Tones of Voices 13  
Supported Languages 50+  
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Looking for a Better Alternative to QuillBot?

Try Our Powerful, All-in-One AI Writing Copilot

HIX Writer

Empower your writing with 120+ AI writing tools

HIX Bypass

Bypass AI detection with 100% undetectable AI content


Create undetectable, plagiarism-free essays with accurate citations

Browser Extension

The all-in-one ChatGPT copilot: rewrite, translate, summarize, Chat with PDF anywhere

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Why Is HIX Writer a Better Alternative to QuillBot?

Get the AI Toolset that Are Great for All of Your Writing Needs, Literally

These 120+ AI-backed tools for writing content don't only speed up your writing so it's 10 times faster but are ideal when you have to rewrite all of the content on your website in a matter of minutes.

  • A powerful tool able to generate copy for all uses, including social media posts, press releases, email copies, video scripts, and that's just the beginning.

  • With its AI tools, HIX Writer's features vary and include clarity improvements, copy improvements, article summaries, and more.

  • Get keyword-filled and duplication-free content to supercharge your ranking and supercharge traffic for anything you publish.

  • Confident to connect with international audiences thanks to HIX Writer's support for at least 50 output languages.

Type // to Use the Dynamic AI-Fuelled Text Editor that Goes Beyond Notion AI

HIX Editor is an AI document editor that is a step above Notion AI in providing a comprehensive AI writing editor and assistant helping you to write, polish, configure, and export your content. Write content using three unique systems:

  • AI Mode: Simply type // to call out the lookup bar pre-loaded with AI tools, which is a Google Docs-like workspace powered by AI.

  • Chat Mode: When you need help to guide you as you write, our ChatGPT-like bot, HIX Chat, works alongside you from first word to last.

  • Power Mode: This gives you seamless access to more than 120 AI writing tools.

  • 1-Click Google Docs Export

  • 1-Click WordPress Export

  • Plagiarism Check

  • Grammarly Integration

  • SEO Score Audits

Web AppGmail

Type // to Unveil How HIX Writer's AI Email Writer Removes Stress From Your Life

HIX Writer's AI Email Writer creates a simpler workflow by drafting, summing up, and responding to emails making use of clever AI tools.

  • Simply type // to command HIX Writer Email Writer to create, simplify, or respond to emails

  • 50+ language supported and 13 tones to create emails for any audience

  • Accessible interface with 20+ ready-to-use email templates that enables users to compose and reply with no fuss+

  • HIX Writer Chrome extension makes it easy to try this email writer in your preferred email client

FAQs about QuillBot vs HIX Writer

  • What languages does QuillBot support?

    The paraphrasing tool of QuillBot currently works in 23 languages. If you want a wider global reach, consider HIX Writer, which can support paraphrasing of text in over 30 languages.

  • What is the main difference between QuillBot and HIX Writer?

    QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool with some other AI writing assisting capabilities, while HIX Writer is an all-in-one AI writing copilot offering more capabilities.

    HIX Writer has a wide array of tools such as 120+ writing/editing tools (including a GPT-4 powered paraphrasing tool), long-form article writer, email writer, Notion AI-like editor, and chatbot. It also comes with a Chrome extension for you to type // to access its AI assistance when writing.

  • How does HIX Writer's paraphrasing tool compare to QuillBot?

    HIX Writer offers a similar paraphrasing tool to QuillBot, but delivers better paraphrasing quality. More than just mechanical synonym replacements, HIX Writer is able to provide more appropriate word choices, clearer structures, and more coherent phrasing.

  • Can I use HIX Writer for free like I can with QuillBot?

    Yes, HIX Writer offers a free plan that includes 1,000 words per week, with access to many of its advanced writing features. In contrast, QuillBot's free version has a limitation of 125 words for each paraphrase.

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copiloht Today!

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

Enhance your writing process with HIX Writer. Whether you're crafting fact-based articles, humanizing AI text, or rewriting, summarizing, and translating your content, HIX Writer provides the tools you need.

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