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Try HIX.AI's book title generator for free and create quality names for books.

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Book Title Generator
Book Title Generator

Give Your Book A Perfect-match Title Using HIX.AI

The more you can say about the book you’re writing, the better book titles this generator can provide. Just follow these five steps to get a list of title ideas:

  • 1. Tell the tool what your book is about – you have 500 characters so be as detailed as possible.
  • 2. Pick from the 15 book genres available so the tool understands what tone to take with its book titles.
  • 3. Choose your book’s language – the tool has over 30 languages from which you can choose.
  • 4. Select how many names you want the story title generator to create (up to a maximum of five per prompt).
  • 5. Hit “Generate” and you get your titles as quick as a flash.
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Titles for Any Genre

While there are plenty of AI tools available that can give you some names for books, most of them don’t do a good job of incorporating the content or the genre of that book into the title. That leads to mismatches, like sci-fi-heavy titles for your romantic thriller, or titles containing mature themes for books that are intended for young adults.

Title ideas created by HIX.AI's book title generator don’t have that problem for two reasons:

You Create Context

You get to describe your book to the generator, which means it’s able to determine what the book is about from context. Better yet, it uses specific words out of that description as one way to ensure the title's relevance.

You Choose Your Genre

The book title ideas you receive are all tweaked to match the genre you choose for your novel. There are 15 available, including romance, thriller, fantasy, and more – perfect for telling the tool what tone it needs to achieve when creating your title.

Get Good Book Names Fast

Think about how long it could take you to come up with a catchy title for your book. It could take hours of brainstorming and thinking. That’s the author’s curse – even when you know exactly what your book is about (and even if you’ve completed it), coming up with a title that encapsulates the story and looks good on the cover is tough.

And there’s another problem.

In 2022 alone, a staggering four million new books were published across all platforms – intense competition to face when you’re trying to come up with a marketable book title.

The book title generator at HIX.AI helps you overcome those problems by offering catchy titles created in the blink of an eye. Once you’ve delivered your instructions, you simply click the “Generate” button and you get up to five titles instantly. Perfect for brainstorming and tweaking so you land on the perfect name.

Leverage the Powerful GPT Language Models

You get a choice between the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 language models when generating your names for books using the HIX.AI tool.

But what does that mean in terms of quality?

Starting with GPT-3.5, this powerful language model has been trained on a staggering 175 billion parameters via data generated from June 2021 backward. In other words, it’s basically able to think and create content just like a human would, using so many reference points that it’s almost impossible to count them all.

GPT-4’s even more powerful. GPT-4 is trained on data available as of September 2021 and, according to OpenAI, takes over a trillion parameters into account when coming up with content. In short, you’re getting book titles from language models that have a vast number of reference points, so they deliver creativity to go along with their speed.

Get Book Name Ideas Quickly With Our Book Title Generator

🚀 Extremely fastGet up to five titles in seconds
🤖 Context-sensitive AIUse descriptions to get accurate titles
🌍 MultilingualMore than 30 languages available
📚 Many GenresChoose between 15 genres

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FAQs About HIX.AI's Book Title Generator

  • 1. What should I type into the 'What is your book about?' section?

    Your aim with this section is to provide the book name generator with as many details about the overarching plot of your book as possible in 500 characters. Little details, such as character occupations, traits, and missions, can help the tool come up with more varied book title ideas.

  • 2. What book genres can the tool create titles for?

    The tool offers 15 genres to help you create your perfect book title. These include common fiction genres, such as romance, thriller, and sci-fi. But you can also opt to choose non-fiction genres that include memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies.

  • 3. How many titles can the generator create?

    You’re limited to five titles with your initial prompt but you can click the “Generate” button again for more until you reach the word limit for your plan.

  • 4. How many free story titles can I create in the tool?

    The free version of the tool offers you a maximum of 1,000 words of GPT-3.5-generated content per week. Those who want to use GPT-4 will need a paid plan, with the specific calculation being as follows:

    (0.5 x the number of words you input) + the number of outputted words

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Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

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