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Effortlessly summarize stories and master storytelling with our story summarizer.

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Story Summarizer

How to Write a Summary of a Story with HIX Writer?

Our story summarizer is designed for ease of use. You can generate a comprehensive blurb of a story, tale, chapter, book, or novella quickly.

  • 1. Copy and paste the story you want to retell to the input box
  • 2. Set up the target audience, tone, and language for the story summary
  • 3. Click the Generate button and then review generated story summary
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Who Is HIX Writer's Story Summarizer for?

From casual readers to professionals, a wide range of people can benefit from our story summarizer, including:


A story summarizer can grasp the main ideas of a story efficiently for your assignments, presentations, and exams.


You can use our synopsis generator to assess whether a particular story aligns with your educational objectives.


Generate a brief and captivating synopsis of a major event with our story summary generator to publish before the deadline.


Set free from manually reviewing entire texts and understand the themes of the stories fast with our chapter summarizer online.

Press Release

With our story summarizer, you can simplify information and create a condensed version of the newsworthy enterprise story or event.


Get a quick understanding of the plot, main characters, and key events and explore a wide range of narratives efficiently.


Need a summary for your blog, book, chapters, or screenplay? Utilize our story summarizer to make an overview of your writing.


Summarize and identify the main ideas of book proposals and manuscripts for you to facilitate the decision-making process.


Get a quick understanding of the essence of a story with our book summary tool for providing recommendations.


Use our blurb generator to gain a concise overview of the original story and aid in capturing important details in translation.

How Can Our Story Summarizer Help You?

Our story summarizer can be a valuable tool if you use it effectively.

Easier to understand

Our story summarizer breaks down complex and lengthy narratives into simple and short summaries. Readers can master the overall structure and flow of the story more easily.

Increase Output

By using this story summarizer, you can make the most of your time by quickly grasping the essential elements of a story and then crafting effective content for multiple tasks.

Promote Skimming

No need to skim a whole story as our story summarizer provides a snapshot of its content, allowing you to explore a large number of stories, and extract key takeaways in a time-efficient manner.

Reasons to Write a Story Summary with HIX Writer

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology

Our story summarizer leverages AI technology and natural language processing algorithms to analyze the text and automate story summary generation.

Accurate and Concise

Our story summarizer ensures that all important information from complicated stories is correctly presented and retained in succinct and easily understandable paragraphs.

Fast Summary Generation

Our story summarizer generates synopses instantly, saving you valuable time and effort in the process of story or event summarization.

Avoid Plagiarism

Our story summarizer creates unique and original story summaries, differentiating from any previously published story blurbs to prevent plagiarism.

Multilingual Support

Our story summarizer enables you to write story summaries in the world's mainstream languages including but not limited to English, French, Spanish, and Chinese.

Get a Story Summary in No Time with HIX Writer

👨‍💻 AI-poweredAnalyze and summarize with state-of-art AI models
💯 AccurateGenerate high-quality comprehensive story summaries
⏱️ Time-savingGet work done in a blink
🦺 SecureNever store nor sell your story content


  • 1. What types of stories can HIX Writer's story summarizer tool summarize?

    Our story summarizer tool can summarize any type of short or long story from novels, news articles, blog posts, biographies, memoirs, books, and movie/TV show scripts. All you need to do is to paste the story text to our summarizer and click the Generate button.

  • 2. Why should you choose our story summary tool?

    HIX Writer's story summary tool stands as one of the best AI summary generators. We strive to reduce the length of the original story without changing its context to the most extent.

  • 3. Can your tool summarize multiple stories at once?

    Sadly, you can't. For the best result, you can only input one story at a time for summarization. To summarize multiple stories, you should copy and paste each story's content to our summary generator respectively.

  • 4. Can HIX Writer's story summary generator tool summarize audio or video content?

    No, you can't use our story summarizer to create a summary of audio or video content directly because this tool is designed to analyze and summarize text-based material. However, you can transcript your audio or video file to a text file, and then enter the text into our tool to generate a summary.

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

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