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Brainstorm with our tool to write a letter effortlessly.

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AI Letter Generator
AI Letter Generator

How to Write a Letter with HIX Writer?

Creating a clear, well-structured letter doesn’t have to be difficult. HIX Writer’s letter generator simplifies the process. In a few steps, write a letter online and use the generated content in your handwritten or physical letter.

  • 1. Enter the recipient’s name.
  • 2. Briefly describe the purpose of your letter. Why are you writing it?
  • 3. (Optional) Provide the address of the sender and recipient. You can also enter the sending date. If you provide these optional details, the tool will arrange the addresses correctly to meet the universally accepted format of a formal or friendly letter.
  • 4. Choose your preferred language.
  • 5. Click “Generate” to get content you can use in your physical or handwritten letter.
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What Types of Letters Can the HIX Writer Letter Maker Write?

Our AI letter generator can write almost any type of letter as long as you describe why you are writing the letter. Whether you want to send a letter to make a business inquiry or want to write to a long-lost friend, HIX Writer will tailor its output to your specific needs.

That’s because instead of spitting out general content, our tool analyzes your input to understand the context. Then, it uses the understanding to generate a relevant letter (formal or informal) that conveys the message you want to send to the recipient.

Why Use HIX Writer’s Letter Creator to Write a Letter?

Writing a clear, correctly structured, and sufficiently detailed letter can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Our AI letter writer comes in to benefit you in multiple ways.

Source of inspiration

When you feel stuck and can’t think of the right words to communicate your message effectively, our AI letter generator inspires creativity. It generates content you can use in handwritten letters instead of brainstorming ideas from scratch.


Coming up with the most effective way to convey your message in a letter can take time and effort. With HIX Writer’s online letter-writing tool, you automate the process and get a complete letter almost immediately. This saves you hours of brainstorming what to write.

Generates customized letters

Our letter AI uses your input to write personalized letters for you. The tool’s output reflects the main message of your letter because it's based on the information you provide.

Generates clear and polished content

Grammatical errors like typos can be embarrassing and create a bad impression when they sneak into your letter—especially if the letter is formal. HIX Writer writes letters that are free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Its output also uses strong vocabularies to ensure your message is clear and precise.

Use Our AI Letter Generator to Write a Letter Online in Multiple Languages

In addition to English, our AI letter writer supports multiple popular languages. So, even non-native English speakers can use our letter generator online. Choose from over thirty languages, including French, German, Italian, Chinese, Hindi, and Japanese.

Writing Any Kind of Letter Made Easy with HIX Writer’s AI Letter Generator

🤖 Automated letter generationLeverages AI to write letters superfast
🔧 Customized resultsOutput is based on the details you provide
🌐 Multilingual toolSuits both native and non-English speakers
🤗 Simple user interfaceSuper easy to use for anyone


  • Does HIX Writer’s formal letter generator create unique letters?

    Our letter maker generates unique, tailored letters based on the details you provide. HIX Writer uses advanced algorithms and robust language modeling technology to understand the context of your input and produce a letter that reflects your intended message. Besides, you can edit the results to tailor it to your needs.

  • How long does it take for your AI letter maker to write a letter for me?

    Our AI letter generator writes letters quickly. It generates a letter that aligns with your input in just a few minutes or seconds. Simply enter the purpose of your letter and the recipient's name, then let the letter writer do its magic super fast.

  • What customization options are available in your AI letter writer?

    Besides specifying the receiver's name and the letter’s purpose, you can provide the sender and recipient’s addresses to customize the structure of your letter to your needs. You can also choose the tool’s output language.

  • Is your AI letter generator free?

    Yes, HIX Writer letter creator is available online for free. You can generate 1,000 free words every week. To unlock more words and a powerhouse of advanced features, upgrade to our affordable premium plan starting from $19.99 per month.

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

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