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Generate random fun questions in no time with our question generator tool.

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Random Question Generator
Random Question Generator

Creating Random Questions is Super Easy with HIX Writer

With HIX Writer’s questions generator, you get random questions in three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Enter a keyword related to the questions you want to generate (this step is optional—you can generate questions without inserting a keyword)
  • Step 2: Choose a language and the number of questions you want to generate at once
  • Step 3: Click “Generate” to get random questions
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Use HIX Writer’s Random Question Generator to Start a Conversation

Our random question generator helps you brainstorm questions quickly. You can use it to start any conversation. Simply generate icebreaker questions and use them as conversation starters. They will help break the initial tension or awkwardness when meeting new people.

With HIX Writer’s question generator, no more using general statements or boring questions when initiating a talk. Use the tool to come up with thought-provoking questions that spark interesting conversations.

Improve Your Writing with HIX Writer’s Random Questions

Besides being great conversation starters, random questions generated by HIX Writer can spice up your writing. When used correctly, they add intrigue to a story. For instance, use the questions to create curiosity that compels the audience to continue reading to find the answer.

Additionally, random questions can help you overcome writer’s block. Use them as inspiration when feeling stuck. The questions will unlock new perspectives, enabling you to approach a topic from a more interesting angle. This injects freshness into your writing.

Create Random Questions to Ask Someone Through HIX Writer

🤯 Powerful toolGenerate multiple questions simultaneously
🗣️ Numerous language optionsGet random questions in numerous languages
🏅 Quality outputResults can inspire creativity
✅ Simple & easyGenerate random questions in three steps


  • What can I do with HIX Writer's random question generator?

    You can use HIX Writer’s question generator to brainstorm random questions for quizzes and surveys. You can also use them to develop content ideas for a story or topic.

  • Can I generate more than one question at a time with your tool?

    Yes. You can generate up to five questions at a time. If none of the random questions generated by our tool is what you want, simply click the 'Generate' button to get another five random questions.

  • Is your random question generator suitable for all ages?

    The tool is designed for both adults and kids. However, we recommend parental guidance for young users since some questions generated may be more challenging than others.

  • Can I use HIX Writer's ramdom questions creator tool to generate icebreaker questions for team-building activities?

    Yes. The tool can generate questions that create a fun, positive, and bond-strengthening atmosphere in team-building activities.

  • Does your random question generator tool provide answers to the questions generated?

    The tool provides questions only—no answers. We encourage users to fact-check and verify the answers before using the random questions generated by our tool.

  • Is your random question maker tool available offline?

    No. HIX Writer’s question generator is an online tool. You must be connected to the internet to access and use it.

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Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

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