Copymatic vs Neuroflash vs HIX.AI

Take a look the table and review below and see our comparison of Copymatic vs Neuroflash vs HIX.AI. Know more about the features and benefits these AI-powered writing assistants offer to find the the ideal AI assistant to help you with your writing.

  Copymatic Neuroflash HIX.AI
Pricing $19-$99/mo €20-€400/mo $4.99-$199.99/mo
Free Plan   
Language Model GPT-3 GPT-3.5/4 GPT-3.5/4
AI Writing Tools 80+ 100+ 120+
Supported Languages 20+ 12 50+
Article Rewriter      
Video to Article      
Paraphrasing Tool      
Brand Voice      
Bulk Processing      
AI Document Editor      
Writing Modes     3 (AI Mode, Chat Mode, Power Mode)
1-Click Google Docs Export      
1-Click WordPress Export      
Chatbot Assistance      
AI Writing Templates   100+ 120
Integrated AI Availability      
Plagiarism Check     (Unavailable for the free plan)  
Grammarly Integration     (Integrated with LanguageTool)  
AI Email Writer     (Integrated in their document editor, not an independent email writer)  
Email Templates   4-7 (Depending on the language setting) 20+
Summarize Emails      
Suggest & Write Replies      
Tones of Voices 12 11 13
Supported Languages 20+ 4 50+
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Copymatic - Budget-Friendly, Strong Content Generation

Copymatic - Budget-Friendly, Strong Content Generation

Launched in 2021, Copymatic lets you create AI-enhanced articles and imagery, alongside nearly 90 other tools. Better yet, the tool is affordable, with its “Individual” packages available for below $20 per month.

It's also an adaptable tool, as it helps writers to create blog, product, website, and social media copy. Besides that, it's able to create articles in 25 languages, with this global flavor making it the tool of choice if you're writing for global audiences. But there is a drawback. the tool has a penchant of simply delivering the content it examines rather than reworking or creating something new leveraging its research.


An inexpensive option for those new to AI copy creation

Writes and translates into about 25 languages

Can create visuals using AI

Places no word count limits at “Pro” tier


Tends to copy content

A little too broad in its copy creation

Neuroflash: Marketing Images and Copy Generation with AI

Neuroflash: Marketing Images and Copy Generation with AI

Neuroflash was made by an expert team of four software designers, Jens Windel, Jonathan Mall, Henrik Roth and Henrik Buning in 2021. The tool goes beyond being merely a common AI software but it is also a genuine incorporated entity that looks to provide European customers with GPT-based services.

With Neuroflash, users have the freedom to generate authentic AI content perfectly fitting for humans in the format of text, image, or both. Furthermore, this tool offers plenty of templates , enabling clients to navigate the various writing assistances, and a budding community is present where users can exchange ideas.


Lively community of users reaching beyond Europe.

Various templates for both text and image generation.


Considerable limitations with the free plan and the subscriptions are more expensive than with most other services.

The tool might not accurately create copy within tone guidelines.

What Makes HIX.AI Unique Compared to Copymatic and Neuroflash?

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Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

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