Writesonic vs Copymatic vs HIX Writer

Take a look the table and review below and see our comparison of Writesonic vs Copymatic vs HIX Writer. Know more about the features and benefits these AI content writers offer to find the the ideal AI assistant to help you with your writing.

 WritesonicCopymaticHIX Writer
Free Plan   
Language ModelGPT-3.5/4GPT-3GPT-3.5/4
AI Writing Tools80+80+120+
Supported Languages25+20+50+
Article Rewriter   
Video to Article   
Paraphrasing Tool   
Brand Voice   
Bulk Processing   
AI Document Editor   
Writing Modes2 (Focus Mode, Sonic Mode) 3 (AI Mode, Chat Mode, Power Mode)
1-Click Google Docs Export   
1-Click WordPress Export   
Chatbot Assistance   
AI Writing Templates80 120
Integrated AI Availability   
Plagiarism Check   
Grammarly Integration   
AI Email Writer   
Email Templates  20+
Summarize Emails   
Suggest & Write Replies   
Tones of Voices 1213
Supported Languages30+20+50+
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Writesonic: AI Content Writing Tool

Writesonic: AI Content Writing Tool

Writesonic was started in January 2021 by its creator and CEO, Samanyou Garg. The company has garnered a total funding of $2.72M over two rounds. Its most recent funding cycle came on 1st September 2021 and amounted to $125k.

Overall, Writesonic is a content writing and editing solution. Its AI writing tool can generate a variety of content types, including blog posts, landing pages, social media content, and emails. Though you can apply for a free trial, it comes with as little as 2,500 premium words, so you'll have no other options but to buy a subscription to fully experience its features.


Can write both short-form and long-form content.

Provides users with Surfer integration.

Includes an AI chatbot and an image generator.


Credits are consumed whether the copy matches your expectations or not.

Folder placements could use some improvement.

Best Writesonic Alternatives

Copymatic – A Versatile AI-Powered Copy and Image Generation Tool

Copymatic – A Versatile AI-Powered Copy and Image Generation Tool

Copymatic has a few AI features for generating images and auto-writing content, with the latter being adjustable via pre-set templates for blog posts, website copy, and social media. Even though its writing is occasionally sub-standard, you may be able to use it as a basic composition tool when determining new content concepts.

Furthermore, the tool is easy to use, asking you for a simple text prompt and formatting rules for it to come up with copy. Furthermore, the tool's use of about 25 languages makes it a good choice for businesses trying to reach new people. You get to play around with over 80 AI tools, along with the CopyChat writing assistant, once you're subscribed.


A great choice if you want one of the most “pick up and play” AI content generators

Budget-friendly at the “Pro” tier

Built-in plagiarism checker

Can generate imagery via AI


Will often start repeating itself in lengthier pieces

Limited when it comes to online marketing

Reasons You Need HIX Writer Before Considering Writesonic and Copymatic

HIX Writer is the buffet version of your current tool of choice for writers and marketers that covers all writing and plagiarism checking requirements. Providing a toolset of versatile features supercharged by AI, HIX Writer has proven itself as the brighter, faster, and more consistent choice compared to Writesonic and Copymatic.

120+ AI-Driven Writing Tools

Get access to more than 120 AI-powered tools offering an array of content generation templates, that help you write every type of content you can imagine.

HIX Editor

HIX Email Writer

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Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

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