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Before-After-Bridge Formula (BAB)

This is the HIX.AI’s Before-After-Bridge (BAB) Tool – use the BAB formula to position your product as the one clients need.

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Before-After-Bridge Formula (BAB)
Before-After-Bridge Formula (BAB)

Create Sales Boosting Copy using Before-After-Bridge Formula

If you’re trying to figure out how to use a bridge in writing to fill the gap between your before and after situations, then wonder no more. With five simple steps, HIX’s BAB tool does it for you:

  • 1. First, enter your product/service name (or a very short description of the product/service) into the tool.
  • 2. In the product description field, tell the tool exactly what your product does and what sorts of problems it solves.
  • 3. Pick a target audience, choose the preferred tone, and select from one of the 30-plus languages available for your copy.
  • 4. Hit “Generate” and your bridge examples will be delivered to you as quickly as a flash.
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BAB Formula: A Straightforward Way of Copy Presentation

Where other tools that offer bridge writing examples tend to mix the content up, making it harder to see where the bridge is, the HIX BAB tool keeps it simple – your content is presented in three sections:


This section is all about the “pain points” your customers are facing before knowing your products or services. What problem is the client dealing with that they want to remedy by using your product? You’ll usually find that this is a short section – usually a line or two – that offers some detail about where the customer is now.


Next up – where the customer hopes to be. In other words, this section covers the after situation that occurs once they’ve bought your product. Again, it’s pretty short, but it needs to be to effectively communicate the good situation you want your customers to enjoy once they have your product.


You have your “before” and “after” situations.

The last section you receive through the HIX tool is the bridge. A bridge in writing is a link from one part of your copy to the next. In this case, you generate a bridge that shows how your product or service takes the reader from the “before” situation to the “after” one

Customizable Before-After-Bridge Copy Generator by HIX.AI

With the HIX.AI BAB content generation tool, the more details you offer, the better the output is for your target audience. You get 1,000 characters to write your product description – more than enough to tell the tool what your product does and, ideally, what sorts of problems it solves for the user.

Then, there are the other customization options:

  • Target Audience – If you’re looking to target a specific niche (such as college students or pet owners), you can choose the appropriate target audience to have the tool tailor its output to your needs.
  • Tone of Voice – From professional to childish, confident to conversational, there are nine voice tones available, each of which completely changes the structure of the BAB tool’s output. Pick the one that best matches the language that your target audience speaks.
  • Language – Select from 32 languages ranging from major European dialects (English, French, Spanish, etc.) to lesser-known languages like Hausa and Marathi. Unlock your BAB content’s potential for a wider international audience.

Craft Sales-Ready Emails with BAB Formula Generator

Though the before-after-bridge formula works well for most types of content copywriting, it comes into its own when generating emails.


You need to grab a customer’s attention in just a few seconds when they open your email, and the BAB formula ensures you maximize those seconds. By presenting the problem right off the bat, this tool’s output delivers something to which your email recipients can relate. Then, just as they’re seeing the problem you’ve presented in their own lives – BAM! The content shows them what life would be like if that problem went away.

Finally, the customer is ready to find out how to achieve that “after” situation, which is where your bridge comes in – presenting your product, service, or solution as the solution.

The HIX.AI BAB formula generator tool is able to deliver email-ready content with an eye-catching bridge and helps you to make more sales.

Unlock the Potential of the Before-After-Bridge Formula

💰 Cost-effective solutionCreate sales-ready content copy for free
🎇 Lightning fastGenerate your content in seconds
🌍 MultilingualChoose from 30+ languages
🧑‍🎓Extra intelligentPowered by the GPT language model

FAQs About the Before-After-Bridge Formula Tool

  • 1. What is a bridge in promotional content writing?

    Just as a real bridge connects two shores, so does a bridge in writing connect two ideas. In the generated content crafted by HIX.AI’s BAB formula generator, the “bridge” section is your product, which you position as a way to take your customer from their 'before' situation and into their ideal 'after' situation.

  • 2. What language model does the HIX tool use?

    HIX’s BAB Tool is powered by the GPT language model from OpenAI. Users get a choice between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, with GPT-4 edging out 3.5 in terms of the quality of its output. If you wish to use GPT-4 for better performance and content quality, you can always consider opting for our affordable subscription plans.

  • 3. What should I write in the “Product description” section?

    A good product description offers specific details about your product. For instance, you could talk about how much drop protection a phone case offers or whether it contains slots for credit cards and cash. It’s also a good idea to talk about any problems that you know the product solves – that information is useful for the “before” section of your BAB content.

  • 4. How many bridge writing examples can I get with the tool?

    The tool allows you to generate up to five pieces of copy that follow the BAB formula for every input. That’s ideal if you want to mix and match the best pieces that each output offers to create your ultimate BAB piece.

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Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

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