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Recommendation Letter Generator

Swift, personalized, reliable letter creation for professional endorsements

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Recommendation Letter Generator
Recommendation Letter Generator

How to Use the HIX Writer Recommendation Letter Generator?

Follow the steps below to use our recommendation letter generator:

  • 1. Enter the position to apply for, and the candidate's personality.
  • 2. Choose the tone and target audience you want for the recommendation letter.
  • 3. Click Generate to create the recommendation letters you need in seconds.
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Why HIX Writer’s Letter of Recommendation Generator is Standout

Getting a professional endorsement is always a great career milestone. Sometimes the contact recommending you is just too busy to find the time. This is why it's so handy to have a reliable letter of recommendation generator that can create a template for you.

Whatever you want to use the letters of recommendation for, HIX Writer has you covered. We can help you create convincing, well-formatted recommendation letters, all with a few simple steps.

And we also offer customization options that allow you to choose the tone and target audience. So you'll be able to make the outputs sound the way you prefer.

What Makes Our Generated Recommendation Letters Good

Recommendation letters created by HIX Writer are an excellent choice because they have the following advantages.

Saves Time And Effort

Writing recommendation letters could be a daunting task as it could take hours of careful thought and planning. Now with HIX Writer everything becomes simple. You can just draft a letter of recommendation with only a few simple steps. And everything will be ready in a few seconds.

Trustworthy Content

Unlike fake letters of recommendation which look auto-generated, HIX Writer letters of recommendation leave spaces to insert the candidate's name and personality. This makes the letter realistic and trustworthy, and can truly show the values of the persons you recommend.

Separate Paragraphs For Each Attribute

The generated recommendation letters from HIX Writer devote a unique paragraph to each strength. For example, if a person is resilient and self-motivated, these will each have their own paragraph. This allows you to write letters with sufficient details so they can be convincing for the readers.

Who Benefits from HIX Writer Recommendation Letter Generator?

Several types of people benefit from the recommendation letter generator. These include:

Business Owners/Managers

Business owners or senior managers can use HIX Writer's recommendation letter generator to quickly write letters of recommendation for their employees or subordinates. The high-quality letters we help write will enhance your reputation as a reliable business owner or manager.


Writing a recommendation letter for your students will no longer be daunting. HIX Writer speeds up the process of writing them and ensures they are well-written. With these letters, your student will know you're a credible and supportive educator.

Non-Profit Organizations

HIX Writer can help non-profit organizations write recommendation letters for their volunteers that can help them have advancement opportunities in their careers. The care the letters show will also encourage other people to volunteer in the organization.

Features of HIX Writer Recommendation Letter Generator

🧠 IntelligentSmart AI generation technology
⚡ QuickGet outputs instantly
🤗 IntuitiveEasy-to-use interface and process
🦎 AdaptableSuitable for different occasions


  • 1. What is a recommendation letter generator?

    A recommendation letter generator, like the one of HIX Writer, uses the power or AI to produce appropriate letters of recommendation for employees at a lightning fast speed. It saves you time and energy to manually draft one from scratch, and can create letters that cover all necessary points.

  • 2. How can the HIX Writer recommendation letter generator help me?

    In addition to saving time and energy, there are other benefits of using HIX Writer's letter of recommendation generator. It can help you improve the quality of your letter by offering you content with ensured consistency and less errors.

  • 3. How much does it cost to use a recommendation letter generator?

    HIX Writer's recommendation letter generator can be used for free. You won't need to pay anything for the full features of this generator. But if you reach the word limit of your free plan, we suggest you subscribe to our Basic or Pro package to continue enjoying our services.

  • 4. Can HIX Writer's recommendation letter generator create letters in different languages?

    Yes, we support 30+ languages. So whichever major language you want your letter to be written in, our generator can help you easily achieve that.

  • 5. Can I generate a recommendation letter based on my requirements?

    Of course you can. We offer customization options like tone of voice, so you'll be able to get a recommendation letter that speaks the voice you like. And include them in the Candidate's personality field to also ensure the recommendation letter covers the points you need to highlight.

  • 6. Is it safe to use your recommendation letter generator? Will my data be protected?

    Yes, we use 256-bit encryption technology to make sure the data transmission is secure. And we don't store or share your input and other personal information, so you'll know your privacy will be protected.

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

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