Hypotenuse AI vs ChatGPT vs HIX.AI

Take a look the table and review below and see our comparison of Hypotenuse AI vs ChatGPT vs HIX.AI. Know more about the features and benefits these AI writing copilots offer to find the the ideal AI assistant to help you with your writing.

  Hypotenuse AI ChatGPT HIX.AI
Pricing $12-$59/mo $20/mo $4.99-$199.99/mo
Free Plan      
Language Model Unspecified GPT-3.5/4 GPT-3.5/4
AI Writing Tools 30+   120+
Supported Languages 25+ 95 50+
Article Rewriter      
Video to Article      
Paraphrasing Tool      
Brand Voice      
Bulk Processing      
AI Document Editor   (Integrated in their writing tools and chatbot)    
Writing Modes     3 (AI Mode, Chat Mode, Power Mode)
1-Click Google Docs Export      
1-Click WordPress Export      
Chatbot Assistance      
AI Writing Templates 30+   120
Integrated AI Availability      
Plagiarism Check      
Grammarly Integration      
AI Email Writer   (Not an independent email writer)    
Email Templates 1   20+
Summarize Emails      
Suggest & Write Replies      
Tones of Voices 4 with a custom option   13
Supported Languages 25+   50+
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Hypotenuse AI: An AI-Driven Copywriter

Hypotenuse AI: An AI-Driven Copywriter

Hypotenuse AI is a writing tool for marketers that is charged by impressive AI features to develop superb pieces of content. In the wake of its 2020 launch, the tool has collected more than 500,000 users worldwide. After it received impressive investment in Nov 2022, its total funding stands at $125K.

The presence of state-of-the-art machine learning permits users to write engaging articles for e-commerce businesses and also crafts massive amounts of product descriptions. Including creation tools for blogs, Google/Facebook ads, and product catalogs, the tool is quick as a flash.


Updated templates to supercharge your writing

Superb set of AI image creation tools

Speeds up your workflow immeasurably


Enhanced features require high-priced subscriptions

Restricted to a handful of keywords for SEO

ChatGPT: The Chat Assistant Loaded with Knowledge

ChatGPT: The Chat Assistant Loaded with Knowledge

ChatGPT is an AI-enabled chatbot that automates NLP tasks, like generating text, coding, and designing. You can craft unique content in the form of press releases, news articles, blog posts, email copies, and more. It can also supercharge writing for many users by correcting grammar and making textual suggestions.

However, it's important to note that it only accesses to research up to 2021, and certain users have reported occasional inaccuracies in the tool's outputs.


Ideal for student papers.

Provides diverse content suggestions for your work reports.

Empowers you to generate content that sticks to academic criteria.


Output is limited to potentially outdated copy.

Requires you to check statistics and information.

Costly paid tier.

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HIX.AI is the most versatile, all-in-one AI writing copilot that offers writing advice from A to Z with writing. You can unlock the productivity boosts you get from our AI assistance, such as rewriting, summarizing, and content generating with our web-based app and everywhere you see or create copy with our browser extension installed.

120+ AI Writing Tools

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HIX Editor

HIX Email Writer

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Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

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