Best Chatsonic Alternative for More Intelligent AI Chatbot

HIX Writer is the ultimate Chatsonic alternative that does more for you. Enjoy the convenience of chatting with PDF, summarizing YouTube videos, getting up-to-date information, and more!

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  HIX Writer Chatsonic
Pricing $4.99-$199.99/mo $16-$499/mo
Free Plan    
Language Model GPT-3.5/4 GPT-3.5/4
AI Writing Tools 120+  
Supported Languages 50+ 25+
Article Rewriter    
Video to Article    
Paraphrasing Tool    
Brand Voice    
Bulk Processing    
AI Document Editor    
Writing Modes 3 (AI Mode, Chat Mode, Power Mode)  
1-Click Google Docs Export    
1-Click WordPress Export Coming Soon  
Chatbot Assistance    
AI Writing Templates 120  
Integrated AI Availability  
Plagiarism Check Coming Soon (Not integrated in the editor)
Grammarly Integration Coming Soon  
AI Email Writer    
Email Templates 20+  
Summarize Emails    
Suggest & Write Replies    
Tones of Voices 13  
Supported Languages 50+  
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Looking for a Better Alternative to Chatsonic?

Try Our Powerful, All-in-One AI Writing Copilot

HIX Writer

Empower your writing with 120+ AI writing tools

HIX Bypass

Bypass AI detection with 100% undetectable AI content


Create undetectable, plagiarism-free essays with accurate citations

Browser Extension

The all-in-one ChatGPT copilot: rewrite, translate, summarize, Chat with PDF anywhere

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Why Is HIX Writer a Better Alternative to Chatsonic?

Get AI-Powered Tools That Can Help With All of the Content You Need, Literally

These 120+ AI-infused text creation tools will help you make content 10 times faster but give you the tools to quickly spin any content in your archives quickly and simply.

  • Useful to any write because it can create content across the spectrum, including social media posts, press releases, email copies, video scripts, to highlight a handful.

  • Supercharged by AI, it's editing components offer grammar suggestions, writing sharpening tools, copy rewriting, and more.

  • Ensure digital marketing-ready and fine-tuned content to get to the top of Google and boost traffic to your articles.

  • Aiming to connect with international audiences with translations into over 50 output languages.

Type // to Unleash our Dynamic AI-Fuelled Text Editor that Goes Beyond Notion AI

HIX Editor is an AI copy editor and tweaking tool that helps you write better copy than Notion AI in delivering a full-purpose copywriting guide helping you to write, correct, arrange, and export what you write. Get access to three powerful modes:

  • AI Mode: Simply type // to access the special lookup bar that is like your pre-loaded AI toolbox, which is a Google Docs-like workspace with the added benefit of AI assistance.

  • Chat Mode: Should you require a second pair of "eyes" on your content, our ChatGPT-like bot, HIX Chat, offers useful suggestions on how to improve your copy.

  • Power Mode: This delivers an easy way to use HIX Writer's to more than 120 AI writing tools.

  • 1-Click Google Docs Export

  • 1-Click WordPress Export

  • Plagiarism Check

  • Grammarly Integration

  • SEO Score Audits

Web AppGmail

Type // to Reveal How HIX Writer's AI Email Writer Makes it Easier to Draft Content

HIX Writer's AI Email Writer makes you more productive by generating, tweaking, and replying to emails all with the help of modern AI tools.

  • Simply type // to command HIX Writer Email Writer to write responses and even create summaries for your emails

  • 50+ language supported and 13 tones to lend character to your emails

  • The straightforward platform with 20+ ready-to-use email templates that lets users to compose and reply with no fuss+

  • HIX Writer Chrome extension gives you the chance to use this email writer in mainstream email clients that you might need it

FAQs About Chatsonic and HIX Writer

  • HIX Writer and Chatsonic, which tool is better at creating long-form content?

    HIX Writer is better than Chatsonic at creating long-form content because it comes with a long-form article writer feature, allowing you to generate 3000-word, original content within seconds. In contrast, Chatsonic doesn't have a feature to support long-form content and is more suited to dialogues.

  • Can I generate up-to-date information with HIX Writer or Chatsonic?

    All content generated by HIX Writer is backed by up-to-date information from credible resources like Google News, top Google search results, Amazon product pages, etc. Unfortunately, the information generated by Chatsonic is neither backed by up-to-date information online nor credible resources, so the tool may not be suitable when generating content about current events.

  • Can I use HIX Writer or Chatsonic to convert video to text and generate images?

    Using HIX Writer, you can convert videos to text as well as generate images because it comes with a video-to-article converter and an image generation feature. However, this isn't possible with Chatsonic as it lacks these features.

  • I want to create SEO-optimized content that dominates the search engine results pages. Which tool do I use between HIX Writer and Chatsonic?

    HIX Writer is the go-to tool if you are looking to dominate the search engines, as it can create SEO-friendly content. It's also compatible with all the popular search engines - Google, Yahoo Search, Naver, DuckDuckGo, and Baidu. Chatsonic, on the other hand, doesn't create SEO-friendly content.

  • HIX Writer vs. Chatsonic: Which one offers better value for money?

    HIX Writer pricing plans range from $19.99 to $129.99 per month, while Chatsonic's plans range from $16 to $499 per month. However, when you consider that HIX Writer has 120+ AI writing tools (including a ChatGPT-like Chatbot) while Chatsonic is only a conversational AI chatbot, then HIX Writer has the better value for money by far.

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copiloht Today!

Try Our Powerful, All-in-one AI Writing Copilot Today!

Enhance your writing process with HIX Writer. Whether you're crafting fact-based articles, humanizing AI text, or rewriting, summarizing, and translating your content, HIX Writer provides the tools you need.

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